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Year 3's visit to CSP Library May 2017

The Year 3 children visited Chalfont St Peter library on Monday and each group spent an hour enjoying a 'behind the scenes look' at the facilities. The voluntary staff made us all feel very welcome and we would like to thank them for their time and thoughtful preparation for our visit.

Mikey and Daisy have written the following report:
We were split into three groups. We learned how to lock and unlock a CD case, using a CD lock magnet. That was really fun but then we went on the computer. We learned how to scan a barcode and how all the information from the barcode comes to the computer. We even brought home the receipt - that was the best thing ever!
Next we sat down and listened to a story by David Walliams. It was about a boy named Bob, but people called him Blob because he had a funny face. It was really good.
The last activity was a quiz. We went around the children's section answering questions all about books. It was really interesting. The best thing was that you can borrow up to ten books for free! Then we went back to school and that was the end of the trip to the library.