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We return to school on Monday, 16th April!

CSPA Writing

Welcome to our 'CSPA Writing Pages'! Throughout this section of our website, you will learn more about writing at CSPA (including celebrating success), find information for supporting children's writing at home and up to date information about new resources, workshops and new initiatives. 

Writing newsletter - March 2018

Below are some links to each of the year group pages where you will find more information about writing for each specific year group. This includes some suggested resources, advice for supporting your child's writing at home and a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar guide for parents.

The link below takes you to information presented at our last writing workshop for parents. The next one is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd May 2018!

Our new 'CSPA Writer Awards' are presented to children for making wonderful progress with their writing. These awards celebrate all abilities and all steps of progress whether it has been awarded to a child for showing a natural flair and passion for writing or awarded for exceptional progress in an area of learning which may be difficult. Congratulations to our CSPA writers!

Alex Dzhioev-Bester (Year 3)


For making great progress with his writing and for producing some interesting research on the Iron Age. Well done Alex!Alex's Iron Age Research

Henry Taylor (Year 3)

For writing a wonderful descriptive piece about a beach, including great examples of similes. Well done Henry!

Alessio Edington (Year 3)

Alessio's writing demonstrates that he is, in addition to being a talented writer, also an avid reader. His vocabulary is sophisticated and subtle, his sentence structures are varied and he has a mature authorial voice. Outstanding writing Alessio!

Jessica Hounsell (Year 4)

In recognition for the hard work she gives to her writing especially when writing imaginatively and descriptively! Wonderful work Jessica!

Emily De-Ville (Year 4)

In recognition of her love of writing! Emily absorbs herself in her stories and demonstrates amazing detail and a wealth of interesting vocabulary. Fantastic Emily - well done!


Henry Hawley (Year 4)

For excellent progress so far this year and for working hard on improving his handwriting, structure and vocabulary. Super work Henry - keep it up!


Dylan Jukes (Year 5)

For making a real effort with noticeable improvements in his sentence structure and for responding positively to suggestions. You're a writing star Dylan!


Clarissa Nunn (Year 5)

In recognition of her fabulous imagination and mature writing style which engages the reader. Wonderful work Clarissa!


Daniel Buckingham (Year 5)

For improved effort with the clarity of his writing and overall organisation - great work Daniel!

Teena Ajith (Year 6)

In recognition of fabulous writing that engages the reader! Teena chooses vocabulary to create atmosphere and uses a range of punctuation. She listens carefully to advice and works hard to achieve her targets. Well done Teena!


Kerensa-Lily Stokes (Year 6)

For unleashing her imagination and creativity while writing a 'Just So' story. She should be especially proud of the huge progress she has made with punctuation and her skills in editing. Very well done Kerensa!

Ella Fitzpatrick (Year 6)

For writing a moving and beautiful ending to the Giant's Necklace - lovely writing Ella!

Newsletter to Parents - March 2018