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Welcome to our 'CSPA Writing Pages'! Throughout this section of our website, you will learn more about writing at CSPA (including celebrating success), find information for supporting children's writing at home and up to date information about new resources, workshops and new initiatives. 

Year 3 book club - Wed Wabbit review

School Newspaper - 'CSPA News'

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Writing newsletter - March 2018

Below are some links to each of the year group pages where you will find more information about writing for each specific year group. This includes some suggested resources, advice for supporting your child's writing at home and a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar guide for parents.

The link below takes you to information presented at our last writing workshop for parents. 

Our new 'CSPA Writer Awards' are presented to children for making wonderful progress with their writing. These awards celebrate all abilities and all steps of progress whether it has been awarded to a child for showing a natural flair and passion for writing or awarded for exceptional progress in an area of learning which may be difficult. Congratulations to our CSPA writers!

Anuj (Y3)

Awarded for imaginative and creative writing based on the Josh Lacey books with some lovely, funny detail!


Nancy (Y3)

Awarded for an entertaining and thoughtfully composed set of fictitious instructions on 'How to look after a pet dragon' in response to our visit from Josh Lacey.

Hattie (Y3)

Awarded for writing an amusing and imaginative set of instructions for looking after a dragon following Josh Lacey's visit.

Lauren (Y5)

Awarded for writing a variety of genres showing great flexibility in her writing style. 

Bella (Y4)

Awarded for always working hard in writing lessons and for always challenging herself to progress further.

Mikey (Y4)

Awarded for writing an extremely lively letter to his Chinese pen pal. He will be able to visualise exactly what Mikey is like as a character!

Khirah (Y5)

Awarded for always choosing interesting and varied vocabulary, writing imaginative, descriptive phrases and for using different sentence types.


Jessica (Y5)

Awarded for continued improvement in the structure and content of her imaginative writing.

Toby (Y5)

Awarded for writing a witty and memorable newspaper article about aliens in M&S on our writing day.

Jessica (Y6)

Awarded for a fantastic 'Excuses' letter incorporating all of our writing day's discussion and for using fantastic original ideas.

Henry (Y6)

Awarded for developing a more mature writing style. Henry's work is well structured, he uses adventurous vocabulary and a full range of punctuation. 


Elliot (Y6)

Awarded for an accurate and informative explanation text to explain the processes involved in a volcanic eruption.