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Early Birds and Nightowls

Early Birds and Night Owls



Early Birds and Night Owls are clubs run by members of staff who care for pupils before the start and after the end of the school day. The clubs are run in the Da Vinci Suite which is accessed via the door in the top playground.


Early Birds - runs from 7.45am until 8.30am Monday to Friday
Children can be dropped off from 7.45am and are cared for until 8.30am at which time they will go into the playground and join the other children arriving at school.


Night Owls - runs from 3.20pm until 5.00pm Monday to Thursday
Children can join Night Owls from 3.20pm and can be collected any time up until 5.00pm latest.

Parents are required to sign their children in to Early Birds in the morning when they drop off to ensure they have been safely handed over to a member of staff.  Likewise, parents must sign their children out when they collect from Night Owls.


Early Birds Current Charge: Flat rate of £3.50: Early Birds sessions are charged at a flat rate of £3.50 per session regardless of when the child is signed in.


Night Owls Current charges: Full session - £7.50; Half session - £3.50: If a child is collected before 4.00pm a half session will be charged.  Children collected after 4.00pm will be charged at the full rate. However, if your child is attending an after school club and joins Night Owls after the club has finished you will be charged for half a session.



Please complete new EBNO form at the beginning of each term to ensure the staff have up to date emergency contact details. Requirements for future sessions each term can be emailed to Mrs Nagle at  If possible we would like to know on a Friday morning, which days are required the following week. If this isn't possible, please email Mrs Nagle as soon as you know what your requirements are.


A booking form can be downloaded from the School Forms page on the website:


General Information
Payment for Early Birds and Night Owls sessions is made via your ParentPay account. Payment must be made in advance and we ask that regular users of this service keep their account topped up with enough credit to cover several sessions, topping up in blocks rather than for individual sessions. This will save parents having to keep topping up their account and will make the administration in school more efficient. The cost of the previous weeks sessions will be deducted from your account on Monday when the on-line register is updated. Parents can keep an eye on the credit balance available via their ParentPay account.