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There will be no Maths in Motion clubs next week (Monday and Thursday) and no sewing club or girls' football club on Tuesday due to parents' evenings and other school events. Thank you for your understanding. ---- Thank you to everyone who attended our Open Morning on Wednesday. Many visitors shared some wonderful comments about our school: "Brilliant morning. I got a good feeling about the school. Your children are amazing! A wonderful school - such polite and confident children. A very positive tour of the school - great to see such positive and engaged children." Our 'All the World's a Stage' Arts Week starts on Monday 16th October. Please see the letters section under news and events for more information.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Allocation


Pupil Premium Policy
At Chalfont St Peter Church of England Academy it is our aim to provide a happy, safe and caring environment where all children can develop an enthusiastic approach to learning. It is vitally important to ensure all children have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential both academically and socially. They also need to be encouraged to foster skills towards working independently and conscientiously. 


“Pupil Premium” is funding that is allocated to schools for :

  • children who are looked after by the local authority
  • those who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years (also known as Ever 6 and FSM) 
  • children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces.


The funding is used by schools to help close the attainment gap between these children and their peers. Schools are expected to identify the needs of the eligible children and use the funding to support their individual learning needs.  At Chalfont St Peter Church of England Academy we will be using the indicator of those eligible for FSM as well as identified vulnerable groups as our target children to ‘close the gap’ regarding attainment.


Chalfont St Peter Church of England Academy’s Utilisation of Pupil Premium 
We ensure that each child receives quality-first teaching and learning experiences as well as tailoring interventions to the specific needs of the pupils. Through assessment analysis, observations and discussions we gain in-depth knowledge about individual children and are able to provide a wide variety of provisions that encompass social, emotional and academic development. However, we recognise that not all children from low-income families or children who are looked after will be socially, emotionally or academically disadvantaged, nor will all children that are vulnerable or socially disadvantaged be registered or qualify for free school meals. 

All teachers and staff are aware of the children who access Pupil Premium, their areas of need and the interventions and provisions they are receiving. All children with access to Pupil Premium have monthly targets set by their teachers which allows for a key focus for the month. These targets are monitored on a weekly basis. The Senior Leadership Team and teachers will continue to gather and analyse the Pupil Premium data at assessment points throughout the year. This will enable teachers to plan appropriately and carefully track children’s successes. We feel it is essential to allocate the Pupil Premium funding to support any children or groups of children which the school has legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged or are in need of a specific type of provision.


Impact on Attainment at Chalfont St Peter Church of England Academy

The attainment and progress of all children eligible for pupil premium is closely monitored. Given the small number of pupils eligible for receipt of Pupil Premium in the interests of maintaining confidentiality we do not publish specific impacts. Further information is available on request to the Headteacher


Summary of Pupil Premium Spending 2015-2016


Resources Required


Objective and Outcome

Residential Trips

Financial support for covering the costs of the trip


Children in receipt of pupil premium had the cost of the residential trip paid to enable the child to participate in the trip and benefit from the valuable learning experience.

Day trips and activities

Financial support for covering the costs of the day trip and activities in school- Wow Days, Arts week.


Children in receipt of pupil premium, 3 in receipt of Pupil Premium Plus and 6 Ever6 children had the cost of day trips and activities paid.


10 or 8 weeks of after school Mindfulness sessions run by qualified PAWS B LSA.


Children have all reported that the mindfulness sessions have benefitted them and given them a resource for supporting them when they need emotional support. There has been positive feedback from parents.

Nurture support- Toast Club

Social and Emotional support group to support and enhance progress. Transfer support work was a focus.


Children have all reported that Toast Club has benefitted them and given them a resource for supporting them when they are need emotional support. There has been positive feedback from parents.

Night owls and Early Birds

Provision of child care support before and after school to allow for support with homework and attendance.


Support for attendance at after school club(s) to enable parents to returned to work. The child is now Ever6.

Music lessons

Peripatetic music lessons held in school.


Children in receipt of pupil premium were enabled to play a musical instrument through full funding of lessons.

Additional LSA Support to fund interventions
1:1 and small group

Timetabled weekly support for reading, numeracy and spelling support.


Through work scrutiny evidence is that all children have made good progress.

LSA Support for provision map activities

Timetabled additional support for Provision map activities


Children with Provision Maps have had additional support. All children have made progress with their reading attainment as a result of this intervention.

Rainbow Road

OT programme to develop co-ordination and handwriting skills.


Handwriting and presentation skills growth in confidence were reported to rise for all children attending the sessions.

Booster Group sessions

To provide additional support for pupils in Year 6 to attain expected progress.


PP Year 6 children 
achieving the expected standard 

Staff Training

Mindfulness training for staff to help them support this practice in their classrooms.


Staff have felt equipped to support Mindfulness strategies to enable children to feel supported in their learning and emotional well-being.

Transfer Support 627

To ensure that our year 6 pupils are prepared for the transfer to secondary school.


Children feel prepared to join their secondary schools and have reported that the sessions have really helped them.


Total Pupil Premium Grant Received=  £ 32,658 (academic year 2015/2016) 87% spent


Overview  of Planning for 2016-2017



Success Criteria

Subsidising school residential trips

To enable all pupils to access the residential visits in Years 4 and 6 so they can benefit from the learning experience this brings.

That all pupils will benefit from this invaluable educational experience. They value the enrichment opportunities and apply their experiences to a range of learning activities.

Subsidising day trips and in school activities.

To support families with the financial burden of paying for additional school activities. Families eligible for Pupil Premium are aware that they are not required to pay for these activities.

That all pupils will benefit from this additional educational experiences. That families in receipt of Pupil premium feel supported financially by the school.

Additional LSA support to fund interventions.
1:1 and small groups

To have an experienced LSA to deliver the interventions necessary to narrow the gap.
To support pupils to access lessons, to support emotional needs, to scaffold and model.

The children who need additional support will make accelerated progress.

Additional LSA to oversee Pupil Premium support.

To have an experienced LSA to monitor all Pupil Premium children. Providing weekly Mindfulness sessions to set a learning focus. 1:1 support for each child to focus on key targets set by teachers.

Through targeted support children make progress academically and/or socially.

Subsidising music lessons

To enable all pupils to have the opportunity to play a musical instrument.

That all pupils will benefit from this invaluable experience.


To develop mindfulness practiced throughout the school to support emotional well-being and progress of children.
Mindfulness groups will be run after school for 10 children at a time.

Children will develop emotional well-being and progress academically through Mindfulness practice.

Transfer Support- 627

To ensure that our year 6 pupils are prepared for the transfer to secondary school.

That year 6 pupils will feel confident about the transfer to their secondary schools.

Rainbow Road

To support children with OT needs through games and activities.

For children to develop fine and gross motor skills. Improvements in handwriting and ball skills which will impact on self-esteem.

Pyramid Club

To support year 3 children through a fun 10 week club who are struggling with confidence and making established friendships.

For children to develop skills which will raise self-esteem and confidence and in turn will raise progress.

Night Owls and Early Bird provision

To provide Night owls and Early Birds provision to support with attendance and homework completion.

For individual children to increase attendance and punctuality which will impact positively in progress.
For homework to be supported and therefore progress accelerated.

Nurture Group Support

To provide emotional/Social skills support for children’s well-being. We have identified that children who are not emotionally ready to learn will not meet their expected potential.

To ensure that emotional needs are not impacting on progress. Children to make expected progress at the end of key stage.

For children develop confidence and self-esteem.

Play Therapy Support

To provide access to 1:1 play therapy support.

To support children with being emotionally ready to learn.

Staff Training

To ensure that all staff are trained to support interventions.
Continuing professional development of all relevant staff and individuals to ensure a high quality provision.

For all teaching and support staff to feel confident in planning and administering additional interventions to close the gap for individual children.

Resources for use in small groups.

To provide additional resources for individual and small group interventions. 
A proportion of funds will be available to support individual needs. This may support their Reading, Writing and Numeracy or their personal wellbeing including behaviour.

For new resources to be available to support and raise attainment for individual children.
The school will ensure that all children receiving the PPG will be cared for holistically and inclusively.

Booster group sessions

To provide additional support for pupils in Year 6 to attain expected progress.

Children in Year 6 attain expected progress levels in the end of key stage tests.

To provide access to additional activities outside of school. (enrichment)

To support families with providing additional support for swimming lessons and holiday clubs.

Children will have wider opportunities available for them which will impact on progress in school

Purchase of uniform and/or equipment for children

To ensure the children have school uniform

Ensure well-being of Pupil Premium pupils.

The Pupil Premium Grant anticipated for September 2016 - August 2017 is £27,238. This is in addition to the unspent funding from 2015/16 which will be carried forward to support those pupils during the current academic year.