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Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday 1st March 2017


Wednesday this week was the first day of Lent in the Christian calendar. Children participated in a lovely service in the church introduced and concluded by our Curate, Ben Topham but led by some of our Year 6 children. The children learned about Jesus going into the wilderness and being tempted and had the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and temptations. Children were given an acrostic to remember based on the word LENT:


L: LISTEN – to God, to yourself and reflect on who you are in Him.

E: ENGAGE – in work, worship and prayer to help you feel closer to God.

N: NOTICE – those areas of your life which need to be changed (ask God to change them in you).

T: TRY – to improve yourselves, just as an athlete or musician works hard to get where they are going.


Rev'd Topham and Rev'd King performed the ashing ceremony and children were welcomed to approach the altar and and have a mark of ashes placed on their forehead. Tthe service provided a wonderful learning, spiritual experience for everyone.