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'Pupils are incredibly content in this school. Happiness shines through their exemplary behaviour' - Ofsted (November 2019)

Year 3 trip to the Roald Dahl Museum

'On Wednesday Year 3 went to the Roald Dahl Museum and we designed a tree for the Twits. We got some ideas for the tree by looking at Victorian times jewellery. On our tree there were flowers, birds, jewellery, spiders and an axe.
We also went into the magic room. The magic room was very fun. Ms Meek disappeared because the crocodile ate her, but she was fine and she didn't really get eaten. She was shrunk with, what I like to call, the shrinking machine.
I liked everything on Wednesday but I personally think my favourite thing would be the Fox's tunnel and the shrinking TV. In Mr Fox's tunnel I saw a Stone Age knife and a piece of pottery'.

Written by Niamh M, James J, Rose H, Grace S, Hadley M, Aiden C (Year 3)