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Young Entrepreneurs' Sale at the Summer Fete

Well done to the Young Entrepreneurs who made almost £300 at the summer fete!


Quote from ‘Simply Sweet’
For our sale we sold ‘Dad Bags’ ( paper bags designed like a shirt and tie). Inside the bags we put 4 medium sized brownies. We also sold brownies separately for those that fancied a tasty snack. We chose to sell the Dad Bags because we thought it was an original eye-catching idea and they could be sold for multi-purposes e.g. for Father’s Day or a just a treat for themesleves. We enjoyed everything, but most of all we enjoyed selling the products and seeing the happy faces of our customers.


Quote from ‘All Stars’
Our group made wooden hearts decorated with colourful buttons, hung with ribbon and bags of homemade fudge in gift bags, tied with ribbon. The button hearts were unique and created by us; each one looked individual and different. We advertised our stall with big banners and were very enthusiastic. The fudge was homemade and looked very professional. We think that by tying it up with real ribbon made it very unique. All of the other types of confectionary that were on sale were aimed at children. Ours was clearly a sophisticated product that would also appeal to adults.


This initiative which has been running for the last 4 years is a hugely successful project aimed to provide an opportunity for children of Year 6 to gain a greater understanding of marketing, product design, budgeting and profit. Thank you to Mrs Gale and Mrs Lown who have managed the enthusiastic children this year!