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Year 4 residential trip to Osmington Bay

You can see some of the amazing adventures Year 4 are having at Osmington Bay by following this page and our social media platforms.


Over the next few days, I shall be posting some news, photos and general updates, as well as travel information!

Mrs Broad


Update: All the children slept well after a lovely evening around the campfire. They are packing bags and getting ready for breakfast. We will then be off to enjoy a last morning of activities before lunch ready to depart at 2pm. The sun is shining here this morning.



5:10pm - Update: Children have had a fantastic afternoon at Osmington Bay. Everyone is still smiling and looking forward to the campfire this evening.


07:35am Update from Mrs Valentine. Children are all awake after a good nights sleep. They are getting ready for breakfast at 8. We have a packed day of activities including a walk to the beach. Everyone is happy and enjoying themselves.



7:10pm - Update from Mrs Valentine: ‘We have all had a lovely day. They have eaten well after an afternoon full of activities and are now getting ready for the disco’.

2:00pm - Year 4 have arrived on site in Osmington Bay and are having lunch in the sunshine! 

Knoll Beach 08.05.19

Knoll Beach 08.05.19 1
Knoll Beach 08.05.19 2
Knoll Beach 08.05.19 3
Knoll Beach 08.05.19 4
Knoll Beach 08.05.19 5
Knoll Beach 08.05.19 6

Off they go! 08.05.19 (8:15am)

Off they go! 08.05.19 (8:15am) 1
Off they go! 08.05.19 (8:15am) 2